Friday, January 6, 2017

New files on Statistics Canada Nesstar

We are pleased to inform you that the following are now available on the Statistics Canada Nesstar WebView site (


Canadian Community Health Survey - Annual Component (CCHS), 2014
General Social Survey - Giving, Volunteering and Participating (GSS GVP), Cycle 27, 2013
Labour Force Survey (LFS), 2001 – January to December (Rebased, 2011 Census of Population)
Labour Force Survey (LFS), 2002 – January to December (Rebased, 2011 Census of Population)
Labour Force Survey (LFS), 2003 – January to December (Rebased, 2011 Census of Population)
Labour Force Survey (LFS), 2004 – January to December (Rebased, 2011 Census of Population)
Labour Force Survey (LFS), 2016 – December

And more to come!

To access the microdata housed in the Research Data Centres (RDCs), researchers must submit a project proposal to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Statistics Canada.

Today's Release - LFS December 2016

Labour Force Survey (LFS) – December 2016

LFS data for December 2016 are now available on the EFT site.

This public use microdata file contains non-aggregated data for a wide variety of variables collected from the Labour Force Survey (LFS). The LFS collects monthly information on the labour market activities of Canada's working age population. This product is for users who prefer to do their own analysis by focusing on specific subgroups in the population or by cross-classifying variables that are not in our catalogued products
The Labour Force Survey estimates are based on a sample, and are therefore subject to sampling variability. Estimates for smaller geographic areas, industries, occupations or cross tabulations will have more variability. For an explanation of sampling variability of estimates, and how to use standard errors to assess this variability, consult the Data Quality section in the Guide to the Labour Force Survey.

Eft: /MAD_PUMF_FMDG_DAM/Root/3107_LFS_EPA/1976-2016/data/

Today's Release - ITS 2015

International Travel Survey (ITS) – 2015

ITS data for 2015 are now available on the EFT site.

Records relate to the activities of Canadians travelling outside the country and visitors to Canada: Canadian residents; travelers; non-residents; expenditures; length of stay; type of transportation; purpose of trip; accommodation used; places visited; expenditure by categories.

International travel data are collected in two flows: Canadian returning from abroad; visitors from the USA and from other countries to Canada.

Eft: /MAD_PUMF_FMDG_DAM/Root/5005_ITS_EVI/2015/

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Waste Management Industry Survey data

I have a graduate student who is interested in accessing data from the Waste Management Industry Surveys.

Unless I am mistaken, it doesn't appear that these are available through DLI - is this correct? If so, wondering if there are any plans to make these data available via PUMFs?

Past that, as it stands I am assuming that the only way to access data is via the existing CANSIM tables, or possibly through customized ones. Are you able to please confirm?

That is correct, there is no public use microdata file for this survey.

The creation of public use microdata files is possible for areas where there is sufficient members of the universe to allow the identity of the respondent to be masked. Thus it is easier to produce such a file for the household and individual sector than it is for businesses.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Revised Bootstrap weights files for the CTADS 2015 PUMF

Please note that Statistics Canada is currently working on revised Bootstrap weights files for the CTADS 2015 PUMF.

The new files should be ready near the end of January 2017.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Survey Methodology (Statistics Canada's scientific journal)

Survey Methodology

Statistics Canada recently released Volume 42, Number 2 (December 2016) of its scientific journal Survey Methodology on its website. This highly recognized, peer reviewed journal allows researchers, statisticians, mathematicians and methodologists from around the world to share research in the field of survey techniques and their practical applications.

The December 2016 online issue of Survey Methodology is now available. This issue contains six papers, two short notes and one corrigendum.

Regular papers
Tests for evaluating nonresponse bias in surveys
(Sharon L. Lohr, Minsun K. Riddles and David Morganstein)

A cautionary note on Clark Winsorization
(Mary H. Mulry, Broderick E. Oliver, Stephen J. Kaputa and Katherine J. Thompson)
Short notes

A note on the concept of invariance in two-phase sampling designs
(Jean-François Beaumont and David Haziza)


Note to readers

Published since 1975, Survey Methodology has been a dependable reference point entirely dedicated to the latest advances in the field of survey techniques and methodology used around the world. To increase access to this scientific research and for environmental reasons, Statistics Canada publishes the journal free of charge on its website.

Historical papers from Survey Methodology are now available online. Electronic copies of any paper published since December 1981 (Volume 7-2) can be obtained here. Papers from Volume 1 to Volume 7-1 can also be obtained by contacting us at

How to submit an article for publication

Authors are invited to submit their articles to the journal’s Editor by email. Articles must be submitted in English or French, preferably in Word with MathType for the mathematical expressions. For instruction on formatting, please consult the guidelines for manuscripts.

All papers are refereed. However, authors retain full responsibility for the contents of their papers, and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the journal's Editorial Board or of Statistics Canada.

Beware of hackers and fake websites. The journal Survey Methodology will never ask for a publication fee, nor any financial information from authors. Pirate website fraudulently representing the journal have recently been identified. Be careful. Do not hesitate to contact the editor in chief directly

Subscribing is easy and free

Would you like to receive an automatic alert by email when new issues of Survey Methodology are available on Statistics Canada’s website? Go to

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Once inside the My StatCan portal, select ‘Email notifications.’
Under the ‘Publications’ tab, choose the subject ‘Statistical Methods,’ then add the item ‘Survey Methodology (12-001-X)’.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Today's Release - HES 2015

Households and the Environment Survey (HES)

HES data for 2015 are now available on the EFT site.

The Households and the Environment Survey (HES) measures the environmental practices and behaviours of Canadian households that relate to the condition of our air, water and soils. The survey was also designed to collect data to develop and improve three key environmental indicators: air quality, water quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

Eft: /MAD_PUMF_FMDG_DAM/Root/3881_HES_EME/2015/